Claire Fleury


About time. About color. About patterns. About timelessness.

Claire Fleury is a NYC-based costume and fashion designer.
Fleury is self taught and draws from her background in theater and performance when conceptualizing her work, which is often seen in the performing arts community and on NYC queer nightlife personalities.
Her genderless clothing has been described as 'future vintage' 'haute glam' and is meant to be worn for fun, pleasure and effect.

Interviews and Features:

Winter Mendelson for Posture Magazine
James Michael Nichols for Huffington Post.
David Noh for Gay City News.
Erin O'Brien for Spindl magazine

Review Antonio Ramos' dance piece "Thirsty mind, Love and Starvation sitting in a Lonely Tree" in Brooklyn Rail


5 Linden Blvd, Brooklyn NY 11226