photo Alesia Exum

photo Alesia Exum

Claire Fleury - Costume and Fashion Designer since 2014.
With a history in dance and theatre, CF creates her designs with a stage in mind.
She uses vibrant textiles and easy going but structural silhouettes to create appealing agender styles. Cf designs and makes costumes for dance, theatre and nightlife, and garments for all occasions as long as it is something special.
She has made dance costumes for Antonio Ramos, Coco Karol, Yackez (Jon and Larissa Velez-Jackson), Tatyana Tenenbaum, Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith, and custom garments for Laurie Anderson and Susanne Bartsch, among others.
Her designs have been exhibited at Gibney Dance Center (November 2017) and, in collaboration with photographer Alesia Exum, at Boston University Gallery 808 (February/March 2018).


Cate McQuaid for the Boston Globe, on '"Future Memory" part of "Forms and Alterations" curated by Lynne Cooney at Gallery 808:
"Claire Fleury and Alesia Exum base the outrageous designs in their “Future Memory” video and clothing installation on glam, punk, drag, and rock performers. Gender is irrelevant: It’s all about pattern, cut, and catching the eye. Will a day come when we all feel free to wear our insides on the outside, as Fleury and Exum’s models declaratively do? Probably not. But they break ground for the rest of us."

Elizabeth Zimmer for the Village Voice
on "Untitled Work for Voice" by Tatyana Tenenbaum (2018)
"The endlessly inventive costumes are by Claire Fleury"
on "Almodóvar Dystopia by Antonio Ramos (2017):
"The gloriously talented costumer Claire Fleury provides fuchsia-colored garments that cover bits of the artists' bodies, but not the naughty ones. "
on "Basketball" by Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith (2017): 
"The sublime Claire Fleury provides costumes"