The Illustrious Blacks - Photo Daviston Jeffers

The Illustrious Blacks - Photo Daviston Jeffers

OnE oF a KiMonO

It all started when two musicians, The Illustrious Blacks, handed me one Keith Haring shower curtain and asked if I could make two kimonos out of it. Saying at first no, I told them that, with a second fabric, I can do it. Check out the photo!

In the kimono I found a format in which I can express my creative ideas and use all my favorite techniques at the same time. The traditional kimono has recently been transformed into a less confining, more comfortable, and easily wearable robe. It can be worn over anything else or by itself -- over a suit or a dress, with a t-shirt, top, or with nothing underneath -- on top of heels, dress shoes, or sneakers. The combinations are endless!
I like to work using large typeface letters and words, or by adding handmade pompoms. I put together unusual fabric combinations, mix sheer and solid, or different patterns and prints. I’ll try mixing traditional with contemporary, for instance, a Scottish Tartan print combined with IKEA decor and fake fur, or black lace with padded cotton sleeves and zippers, or so forth and so on.
The kimonos I make are suitable for every gender, age and body type.
Each kimono has its own character and title. The title, for example, hints to a setting, a small scene I envisioned while making it. There’s ‘Midnight Delivery’ or ‘Sometimes it snows in April’, ‘Never promised you a rose garden’ and ‘Hope you like pompoms baby’.

The first OnE oF a KiMonO popup was held at Amsterdam Artspace, in the midst of an existing exhibition of paintings. The kimono pop up shop can be
held anywhere, is easy to set up, and works well in combination with other events. The pop up show aims to create a space to mingle with other artists and art&fashion enthusiasts, and to provide an opportunity for ‘cross- pollination’ and cross-promotion. The goal is to help each other gain a wider audience and sell our work to engaged customers.

Designer Claire Fleury

With an in-depth background in dance and theatre, Claire creates her designs with a stage in mind. She uses vibrant textiles and easygoing but structured silhouettes to create appealing garments for all gender styles. CF designs and makes costumes for dance, theatre and nightlife productions, and garments for all kinds of truly special occasions.