Naomi in ‘Moccha Latte’, Joachim in ‘Midnight Delivery, Daniella in ‘Hope you like PomPoms Baby’ and Elish in ‘Just Got Here’ photos Alesia Exum
 Pieter in “Lust’, Joachim in ‘Moccha Latte’, Margot in ‘Just Got Here’ and Maxi in ‘Nite and Day’  photos by Alesia Exum
 ‘Sometimes it snows in April’ on Angelique, ‘Autumn Leaves’on Barbara, ‘Longing’ on Naomi and ‘Autumn Leaves’ on Jantien. photos Alesia Exum
 ‘Sometimes it snows in April’ on Danielle, ‘Java’ on Fred, ‘Java’ on Erik and ‘Strawberries ‘n Cream’ on Kees photos Alesia Exum
Nite and Day
'Just Got Here' and 'Nite and Day'
'Sometimes it snows in April' and 'the Shade'
Just Got Here
Hope You Like PomPoms Baby I
I Give You Fish
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